Who are we?

Founded in 2002, SEAMS emerged from a need for the UK water industry to be able to justify investment decisions to the government regulator.

SEAMS was born out of a passion for analytics.  A collaborative research and development project between specialist departments at Sheffield and Exeter Universities that was 10 years in the making.  The legacy of our academic beginnings manifests in how we’ve been growing, developing and investing in our software ever since with a dedicated Development Team, headed up by our Director of Technology, Wayne Barr, to ensure we remain at the global forefront of analytical decision making and digital transformation. 

The flexibility and innovation of our EDA Software is only matched by the passion of our Analytics Team, under the guidance of Dan Scott, Director of Analytics.  Whether it’s leveraging the power of analytics to help transform client data into actionable plans to ultimately improve business performance, or deciding which biscuits are provided for the team meetings via the random biscuit generator, our team of analytical gurus are leading the way in predictive and prescriptive modelling techniques and outcomes. 

This drive and belief in innovation and the power of analytics that’s at our core has now led us to become the Analytics Centre of Excellence for Arcadis – the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. As part of Arcadis, we are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries that generate more than $3.0 billion in revenues.

Our teams work with asset centric organisations in both regulatory and non-regulatory environments across the globe.  Our clients include the likes of Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water, Electricity North West, Icon Water and London Underground.  We love to share our knowledge and expertise, which means you’re just as likely to see us speaking at global conferences on the power of analytics and data, or Decision Support and the future of Asset Investment planning as you are at our Head Office in Sheffield. We regularly contribute our thoughts on key industry topics or the challenges facing our clients, such as the Future of Infrastructure, in various media, and collaborate with industry bodies for the future development of, and to ensure best practice within, Asset Investment Planning.  Our White Papers are an example of our enthusiasm for all aspects and dimensions of our work.

SEAMS working with Arcadis: 

The Global Arcadis network allows us to support clients at a local level, which includes regional project support from our offices.  Our clients can be assured that they have access to our international experience and capability, but on local terms.

Together SEAMS and Arcadis are able to provide clients with a unique blend of expert technical and asset knowledge combined with advanced analytics, to guide strategic decision making. 

SEAMS were purchased by Arcadis in January 2018.


  • We help you make better decisions on your assets: We have supported over £120 bn of investment decisions worldwide
  • We will make best use of and improve your data: Improved over 25 million data items within our clients' asset inventories
  • We understand probability, consequence & risk of your assets: Modelled and quantified deterioration of over fifty different asset networks 
  • We can maximise ROI of your investments: Since 2010 our clients have carried out over 1500 different investment scenarios 
  • You will benefit from cutting edge optimisation: Over 20,000,000 CPU minutes of optimisation delivering new knowledge and better techniques 
  • We have experienced modellers you can trust: Over 500 projects and models developed in the last ten years
  • We will help you build your own organisational capability: Developed analytics solutions for FTSE 100 companies
  • We’ve provided auditable solutions for government and public authorities: Implemented decision support tools in to public bodies that stand up to scrutineering

We work with some of the leading innovators across a range of asset intensive industries all over the globe! 


Industry Sectors Find Out How We Work

Drinking Water | Dunea, the Netherlands

The models developed by SEAMS have enabled us to link strategy to operations and drive investment decisions by cost, performance and risk. This will ensure our continued position as leaders in terms of Asset Investment Planning for our industry.

Rogier Schipdam, Asset Management Team Leader

Energy | Northern Gas Networks

We recognised that introducing structured data analytics had the potential to add real value to our business, helping us to work more efficiently and deliver significant benefits to our customers and stakeholders. The team at SEAMS helped us carry out a valuable exercise to scope out the extent of the opportunity and have supported us with the development of a roadmap and a robust strategy for embedding structured data analytics into the organisation.

Northern Gas Networks

Rail | Transport for London

EDA has provided LU with a secure and stable platform from which to calculate the expected cost, risk and performance profiles associated with the ownership of our track assets. This is invaluable when producing the 10 year Asset Management Plan along with optioneering during the Business Planning round. The ease of adding new lookup tables for accumulated tonnage forecasts, renewals costs and measured life has helped us to use our time more efficiently and is central to our role as Asset Managers

Elizabeth Lasserre, Track Asset Manager

Public Sector | London Borough of Bromley

SEAMS’ analysis showed that, by investing £7.5 million, LBB would realise cost savings equivalent to approximately £1 million per annum. Following a pay-back period of 7.5 years, it is projected that LBB will save a total of £17.5 million over the desired* life of the assets.

Garry Warner, Head of Highways

Wastewater | Northumbrian Water

SEAMS Analytics and their software provide the flexibility to enhance our investment planning approach to attain service targets at the least cost to our customers.
After initial training, SEAMS software and analytic methods have been successfully embedded within the organisation. This has been well received by operational, investment and asset planning departments. The software, combined with business processes provides a clear and auditable path from modelled outputs to scheme selection.

Nicola Walsh, Asset Manager

Utility | Severn Trent Water

We have models that are able to inform and challenge the conventional thinking in the organisation. Benefits included: Investment Planning reduced from one month to one day = more scenarios; Implemented within STW’s IT estate, reducing costs; Total cost of non-infra planning was 70% less than the previous financial period. (~£4m savings), Errors have been reduced and results are more consistent, and sensitivity and uncertainty can now be carried out on a regular basis.

Andrew Henton, Strategy Manager
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