SEAMS EDA software

SEAMS EDA, an overview of our decision support tool for Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM), to enable infrastructure rich organisations to make smarter decisions for improved quality of life.

SEAMS: Achieving success in the water sector

Find out how SEAMS are delivering success for 4 of our Water sector clients. Hear them tell how they are embedding SEAMS EDA software into their businesses, and what it's achieved for them.

SEAMS Summit 2017

Our SEAMS Summit had a packed agenda with both Client and Partner sessions, geared towards providing stimulating and thought provoking content to drive discussion and innovation. Thank you to all our Clients and Partners for making it such a success.

Decision Analytics seams ltd video

Decision Analytics

Our software uses data to form predictive analytics of asset deterioration, service levels, and costs in order to calculate investment and maintenance requirements.


Answering Board Room Decisions seams ltd video

Answering Board Room Decisions

SEAMS Ltd help companies seeking out new ways of making investment decisions, pushing what is possible with today's data to inform boards on how their companies are performing.

Demo of Asset Investment Planning seams ltd video

Demo of Asset Investment Planning

SEAMS has developed a software programme for enabling asset-centric organisations to make strategic choices and deliver action plans to make sure objectives are delivered.

Improving business planning methods seams ltd video

Improving business planning methods

In this video, Paul Sankey looks at how good companies align themselves to deliver top-down initiatives to realise asset performance that delivers business benefits.

What you need to know about analytics seams ltd video

What you need to know about analytics

In this video, Benjamin Indelicato explains how utilities are using big data to form robust business cases by linking up with analytics technology.



Making financing deals more certain seams ltd video

Making financing deals more certain

David Clayton talks about how analytics is being used for the first time to link physical asset performance and cost forecasts to financial forecasts so financing deals can now be done with more certainty.

Developing the way ahead in partnership seams ltd video

Developing the way ahead in partnership

Matt Kiggins explains how this aspiration is met through the ability make best use of cloud technologies, implement continual improvement programmes, and close liaison with customers. 


Managing Analytics Programmes seams ltd video

Managing Analytics Programmes

Asset-centric companies have a number of different and emerging business objectives. There is no single template or standardised framework upon which to define enterprise-scale solutions to fit these objectives.

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