What we do


We deliver solutions and software to improve corporate performance.

For many asset-rich organisations across the globe, infrastructure is at a tipping point - ageing rapidly, with deterioration exacerbated by factors such as extreme weather and increasing demand.  This is in addition to regulatory pressure, budgetary constraints and requirements for improved customer service. It's clear that organisations have to think differently to get the best value out of their assets and projects.

Data, Analytics and Decision Support Tools are key to meeting these global challenges.  SEAMS provide decision support software and analytics services which help balance risk and cost, optimise asset performance and satisfy the forward planning needs of asset centric organisations in all sectors.

SEAMS Analytics: 

  • Delivering modelling and prescriptive analytics projects, including building and populating models, running optimisation scenarios and interpreting results
  • Using models to give strategic oversight on asset investment, and identify business opportunities or efficiencies to maximise value.
  • Building analytics/modelling capability within your organisation


SEAMS Software 

  • Next generation, market leading decision support tool software
  • Building block approach for best in class analytics platforms tailored to your needs
  • End to end platform for faster, more frequent and efficient decision making
  • Portfolio - and asset- level optimisation for strategic, tactical and delivery models


SEAMS Advisory: 

  • Guidance and expertise to embed analytics into your organisation
  • Learn how to get ‘buy in’ from your organisation to use the insights analytics provides
  • Ensuring you capture the benefits of data analytics and modelling