SEAMS Advisory

Landing the benefits of analytics

Every asset management sector is under pressure to do more for less, whether that's due to regulatory pressure, demand growth, climate change adaptation or simply a squeeze on budgets.

Meeting these challenges requires organisations to think differently and to challenge how they do things to try and get every possible bit of value out of their assets and projects.

Data, Analytics and Decision Support Tools are a key part of meeting these challenges, however making the effective requires changing business processes, organisational structures and equipping staff with the skills and knowledge they need.  The general process should all work seamlessly as in the diagram above.

SEAMS Advisory is here to help organisations cross the gap between traditional decision making methods and new advanced methods. We can provide guidance and support throughout the process and whatever software solution you're using.

We can help you to work smarter with your data, whatever the quality. We can deploy techniques to analyse potential opportunities using nothing but stakeholder opinions if necessary! Our teams are experts in data cleansing and can help you to understand which data has value, which can be discarded and what new data you might want to collect.

That doesn't matter. We can provide advisory support to help you realise the best value out of analytics regardless of which solution you use. We can even help if you only use Excel spreadsheets.

The advice we give and the solutions we provide are fully aligned to ISO55000, and can be a significant building block towards organisation accreditation.  However, we don't provide specific maturity assessments or consultancy for achieving ISO55000.

SEAMS Advisory is not a consultancy service.

We exist to provide focused expert advice around the deployment of analytics and data led decision making processes in your organisation.  We're experts in this area having helped to develop solutions across multiple sectors and worked with clients to successfully embed these solutions into their day to day operation.  Think of us as mentors for your business.

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