SEAMS Analytics

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As a leader in prescriptive analytics, SEAMS is focused on helping organisations meet the infrastructure challenges ahead.

Prescriptive analytics is designed to answer the tough, straight questions asked in business.

Knowing what is going to happen is not the same as doing something about it. So, to transition from predictive to prescriptive analytics, SEAMS Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) software adds Modelling into the optimisation mix, to provide real-world answers to your investment problems.

SEAMS also offer the following Analytics services

Are you ready for analytics and where will it provide value for you?

Where should the journey begin, what are the steps, what is the overall aim?

Create and build an analytics team, with our expert guidance whilst you get up to speed.

To enable predictive and prescriptive analytics results to be absorbed by the business

Building analytics & modelling capability within the organisation, enhancing stakeholder ‘buy in’

What data is needed and how it is best organised for analytics? How fit is the data for analytics?

Performing modelling and prescriptive analytics projects on behalf of clients including:

  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Predictive analysis
  • Building and populating prescriptive models
  • Running optimisation scenarios
  • Results interpretation and dissemination
  • Using the right statistical models with the right data
  • Combining different data sets to provide more informative results
  • Recombining statistical models with asset data to provide forecasts
  • Interpreting outputs to provide insights
  • Getting buy in from the organisation to get value from those insights